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The ADT Foreign Mission Department was born when a preacher from Africa visited our church sharing with the congregation the need for a building in the area where he lived.  The congeration was enlightened and told of the need of a church building in order to worship because the members gathered for worshiped under trees. There was also a need for a well to be built to provide drinking water for the church and community.

The Foreign Mission Department raises funds for  3 different missions which are listed below:

Nohwoa (Far-a-way) - Funds are raised for the up keep of the First Family and church families needs.  

The first family members are Bishop Nsiah and First Lady Threasa Botah.

Media and printed materials are needed as well.


Nyamebekyere (God will provide) - Funds are raised to complete the building of the Nyambekyere Church. 


 Haiti - The Foreign Mission Department fundraiser donations assist to start and enlarge the building for the church services and to continue the school (approx. 400 students) that was current and needing support.

February, 2012, Apostle Maples appointed the current pastor whom he married (Pastor Norum Philemon adn First Lady Woodna Lamour Philemon.) They have 2 dauughtrs named Nitzaamar and Geussa Philemon. The first mission to Haiti was to baptize and conduct marriage ceremonies.  The mission trips to Haiti continued annually each year beginning in 2012 until the pandimic (COVID-19).  

The mission trips curently continue virturally  for Haiti with the assistance of technology and other devices such as mobile and landline telephones and computers.


Special Offerings are raised on the 2nd and 5th Sundays of each month.  All donations are welcome. 

Thank you in advance for your generous  donations.



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